Autonomy can be a risky proposition. You can make a cut of 9 to 5 only to find it replaced by 14 or 16 hour workdays. A new business can not only be a lack of time, but you can also work for little or no pay until your business gets on the way. Because of the unknowns involved in a start-up, many new business owners decide whether they want to do their best to enter into a franchise agreement. One of the biggest problems of a new business is finding customers. On the other hand, franchises have immediate knowledge of the brand and a loyal customer base. Even if you open the first branch of a franchise in a small town, the likelihood that potential customers are already familiar with the brand is exposure to TV spots or trips to other cities. As with any business model, there are drawbacks to setting up a franchise business. People are often wrong to believe that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, but that`s because they are often blinded by the potential risks of re-founding a new business from scratch. The formalities of setting up a limited company under which the franchise operates are the same as if you were starting your own business. In addition to the initial investments you need to make to launch your franchise, there are additional operating costs that are unique to franchises. As part of the franchise agreement, the operating costs of the deductible should be listed. These fees may include royalties, advertising and training fees.

It is important to understand how deductible fees work. These are often fixed (often annual) periodic royalties plus a percentage of the turnover generated by the franchised company. This is an added benefit, since Liz already has a business idea that can be proven. In addition, exclusive location rights benefit a franchisee, since franchisors do not have more than one franchisee in a territory. In this sense, Liz would benefit from low competition and a massive market. Be careful when buying a franchise if you need to develop the market and brand in your designated area. Make sure your investment generates healthy returns and capital gains when you sell. While the franchise`s initial investment buys a lot of benefits for the franchisee, it can also be expensive – especially if you join a well-known and profitable franchise. While this often generates larger profits, coming with this initial money can weigh on any small entrepreneur. One of the biggest advantages of owning a business is being your own boss. When you create a franchise business, you get your own boss with the added benefit of getting support from the franchise`s knowledge base.