Sheidlower, who reads the text, said that the Oxford English Dictionary „Agreeance“ is defined as „the act of agreement, AGREEMENT, agrees in many of its meanings.“ VERB – AGREEMENT arrive, arrive, arrive I am convinced that we can reach an agreement. The two sides have not reached an agreement. | He agreed. | We have to get the approval of the city council. 1 also negotiating discussion on an agreement. You can also check other dictations: Accord (English, 释), wordnet meaning, collins definition LIMP BIZKIT Frontmann Fred Durst has a solid understanding of the king`s English, despite the criticisms. Speaking against the war at the Grammy Awards in February, Durst said, „I hope we will agree that this war will go away as soon as possible.“ And „grammar lovers have fallen,“ Wrote The New York Observer. Barry Koltnow of the Orange County Registry called him „illiterate.“ The Atlanta Journal Constitution said its copy button „agrees that the agreement is not a word.“ The new dictionary was conceived as a 6,400-page, 6,400-page book that would cover all English vocabularies from the Middle English period (1150 AD), as well as a few earlier words if they had continued to be used in central English. Prep. one of the terms of the agreement | Under the agreement, the farmer is not allowed to use this field.

| Between an agreement between the company and the trade unions | They signed two agreements to improve economic cooperation. | With a trade agreement with China In 1982, while burchfield was working on the supplement at hand, Oxford University Press was discussing how to bring this monumental dictionary into modernity. It soon became clear that traditional input-creation methods needed to be updated and that paper raw materials needed to be transferred to an electronic medium. The company needs to change to set up project managers and systems engineers as well as lexicographers. The press did so with the creation of the New Oxford English Dictionary Project in 1984. The team`s objective was to publish an integrated print edition in 1989 and to make available a complete electronic text that will under the basis of the future revision and extension of the dictionary. VERB – AGREEMENT is negotiating, we are working on a formal ceasefire agreement. | Conclusion, entry, signature, signature After hours of discussion, the government and the union agreed. | We have an agreement to always tell us the truth about everything. | We signed the agreement and we are now tied to it. | Stop, honor, respect you have not complied with our agreement. | Break, reverse, on, break, violate Some employers refused agreements as soon as the recession began.