No, it would not be a problem to sell the property if the old agreement, as you mentioned, did not exist. Once the FIR is filed, you must publish a public notice in an English newspaper and in any regional newspaper regarding the loss of ownership documents. You can book a public notice at a great price at internet 2. Post an ad If you have submitted the FIR, you must publish an ad in an English newspaper and in any regional newspaper regarding the loss of ownership documents. Then you have to wait the next 15 days to see if anyone finds it and returns it in that time frame. The previous act is absolutely not necessary, because at the time you registered a deed of sale between you and the other person, the clerk was then satisfied with his (other) papers. Lodge in FIR: It is true that if you lose something, go first to the police station near you. Place an FIR (first information report) to the police there, give all the details of the property. After that, the police would generally seek to follow the documents if a theft or theft was the cause of the loss. If the police are unable to track your lost sales document, they will issue you an untraceable certificate.

This is essentially a police statement that they have not been able to follow the document and would be duly signed by the Inspector General. This is a document that would now help give you double the deed of sale. If you use a bank loan, the bank will not sanction the loan unless original documents are provided. If the original 35-year-old document, which has been declared lost, is registered, a copy of the deed is available from the district`s accreditation department. 2 Thus, even if you have misplaced or lost the previous documents, your right, title and interest in the property would not be hindered in any way. You should file a complaint with the police as soon as possible after finding that certain papers have not been found. Please first place a gd for the same thing and make a statement on the property in your local newspaper. Loss of original real estate documents such as deed of sale, power of attorney, deed of transport, sale agreement, etc.

You cannot afford to put yourself in this position, mainly for three reasons: 1. You cannot sell the property 2. Your property is in play 3. It would be almost impossible to borrow on the ground. The property can be checked with other documents such as the load certificate, the tree mode of the property purchase and can obtain a double sales certificate. As long-term planning to protect your property, the following steps can be taken in the event of a loss of original documents of your property: Mr. Raghuram was about to go through with a real estate deal when he discovered that the seller did not have all the real estate titles.