I often talk to customers and people interested in billing. When people talk about settlements, it can mean a lot of things. There is sometimes a perception that people with permanent disabilities (PPDs) are colonies. In strict terms, PPD premiums are a benefit under the Industrial Insurance Act, no comparison. Therefore, most lawyers (including me) do not view PPD attributions as a comparison. The typical agreement in the case of compensation for a worker involves the awarding of a permanent partial disability (DPP) award when an injured worker can return to the workplace. From time to time, a seriously injured worker does not return to work and receives a pension – payments for life. No, not everyone is allowed to participate. Under WAC 296-14A-030, the department or self-assured employer is required to continue ongoing payments and management of industrial insurance entitlement during transaction negotiations and until the final of the DE CRSSA agreement.

Unfortunately, just because they have a legal obligation to keep paying doesn`t mean they always do. No, under WAC 296-14A-040, there are no rights of any kind outside of the Industrial Insurance Act (Title 51 RCW) that can be settled under a CRSSA transaction agreement. Even in this case, only claims for compensation, i.e. entitlements to cash benefits paid due to loss of earnings or incapacity for work, can be settled. Medical services cannot be affected under a structured settlement agreement on claims management.