Unfortunately, lifting lives cannot be manually defined in trading platforms. 7.1. We will provide you with the necessary diligence and skill, but we do not guarantee the performance or profitability of your investments. We are not responsible for any loss of revenue, revenue or profit resulting from your trading activity on the trading platform. 21.1. We allow dividends to be reinvested on shares in your account that may be automatic if you ask us to do so. Dividends on shares are reinvested in only the same share as the dividend. Dividend reinvestment instructions are not executed if your account has been blocked or restricted by us in accordance with this agreement. 12.4. If your balance has not moved for a period of at least six years and we cannot follow you, although we have taken the appropriate steps, you agree that we can no longer treat your money as customer money. Charting is one of the strengths of 212 trading platforms.

Almost all the necessary technical analysis studies are available, with more than 60 technical indicators available to support your business decisions. Since 2016, it has been the most widely used commercial application in the UK. The app also climbed to number one in Germany in 2017. You can get it for free either on the App Store or on Google Play, because it works perfectly on both operating systems. There may be limited circumstances in which there is a conflict between your interests and those of us or our other clients. In order to mitigate and control these conflicts, we have developed a conflict of interest policy. A summary of this document is provided separately, although you can request a copy of the full policy at any time by contacting us. Figures from 212 show that 76 per cent of investors` accounts lose money when trading CFDs. It tries to take some steps to protect users from product volatility by making accounts of a negative balance, unlike some brokers, and let the user choose a point where they take profits and stop investing once the losses reach a certain point. This is known as the stop loss alarm or take-profit option. It is recommended to use the live chat function if you urgently need help. There, you can count on an immediate, very professional and adequate service.

If the query you have does not require an urgent response, you can email it to info@trading212.com, although using the prefabricated contact form is an alternative. 10.5. If you place a limit or stop order for an investment for which the trade is suspended or a business transaction before execution, or if your account is blocked, we may cancel the current order, but we are not obliged to do so. 22.7. We have systems and controls in place to ensure that only the actions of customers who have given their prior consent can be used for equity loans, as your consent and consent are required by signature or equivalent agreement. If you no longer wish to participate in Share Lending, you must terminate this contract or put a sales restriction on your account and close all your current positions.