The ILO model also protects against illegal interference in property interests and guarantees compensation in accordance with international standards. It provides that any direct or direct catch must be: for public purposes; Non-discriminatory; payment of prompt, appropriate and effective compensation, in accordance with the ordinary legal procedure and general treatment standards discussed above. The ILO`s definition of „expropriation“ is broad and flexible; In essence, „any measure“ of any form that deprives an investor of its management, control or economic value in a project can constitute an expropriation that requires compensation equal to fair value. Such compensation, which „has no reduction in this fair value due to … . the expropriation measure must be supported „immediately,“ „effectively achievable,“ „freely transferable“ and „current interest rates from the date of expropriation at a rate corresponding to current international interest rates.“ The ILO grants the right of „immediate verification“ by the relevant judicial or administrative authorities to determine whether the compensation offered is compatible with these principles. It also extends national treatment and MFN to investors in the event of losses due to wars or other civil disturbances. However, the ILO does not contain a specific assessment method to compensate for these losses. (c) Notwithstanding one of the provisions of this paragraph, the expropriating expropriating payments covered by Article III are, in all cases, paid without delay in a form which, at the time of expropriation at the prevailing exchange rate, is effectively feasible and transferable freely and without delay. Moreover, in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article II of this paragraph, nothing absolve part of its obligations under international law from its own national laws or from an investment agreement, authorization or licence.

8. In order to ensure a favourable environment for the investment of nationals or companies of the other party on its territory, each party makes available to nationals or companies of the other party all means necessary to enable them to assert their rights with regard to investment agreements, investment permits and real estate, including the right of access to their justice. , courts and administrative authorities, as well as the right to recruit persons of their choice who, moreover, are eligible to enforce their rights under existing laws and regulations, regardless of nationality.