In many cases, the contracts concluded are not respected or cannot be respected for certain reasons. While some memories can be helpful, they don`t always get the job done when there`s no other way than to terminate a contract that only takes time and doesn`t yield results. The same applies to a construction contract. However, it is important to know that terminating a contract is not as simple as sending a letter indicating termination. There are certain indications that must be respected when sending a letter of termination of a construction contract. Being forced to write a termination letter for the construction contract can be frustrating. The letter template below for terminating a construction contract is a basic template that can be easily adapted to a large number of circumstances. You entered into a contract with my client Crystal Engineering that was signed on May 1, 2014 and, in accordance with the terms, your business did not succeed in its end. This leaves my client with no choice but to terminate the contract and move on to another contractor in the hope of completing their project. In the last two months, it is clear that the construction project (SENDER`s ADDRESS) will not be completed with the efficiency and quality promised in the initial contract. Accordingly, the recipient is informed of the termination of this contract. Graduation letters should be printed in black ink on typical eight-and-a-half by-11 paper.