Prerequisite for entry to the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education is the completion of secondary studies qualifying the individual to study at university (Abitur in Germany). Under certain conditions, however, students can also be admitted with other secondary school qualifications. For more information, please visit All registration documents must be filed with the Media Design Office. These documents include: the original training contract, a certified copy of the student`s A-level results/high school diploma/equivalent, a CV/resume, two photographs, and, if applicable, a certificate from a vocational or technical school confirming the student`s academic ability. The learning agreement templates available serve your first information and overview. If the above conditions are fulfilled and all the required documents have been submitted to the Media Design office, the student will be admitted. The student will receive confirmation of admission and enrollment, which is effective as of October 1, the official start of the course. The students at DHBW spend half their study time at a local company and are often ambitious and dedicated students. You will be studying both with them in the full-time English language programs and along the other Exchange students in special Exchange classes. Coordinating the learning agreement with student support After both parties have agreed to work together, the training contract between the partner company and the applicant is signed. Among other things, this contract governs weekly working hours, salary, and vacation entitlement. After consultation with your student support and approval of the apprenticeship agreement amended by program management, please confirm this, as described in point 1 above. This campus is placed in the city Ravensburg in Southern Germany located between Lake Constance and Allgaeu in a scenic landscape with a view of the Alps.

A very cozy town with narrow streets and a lively atmosphere. 1.Confirmation of the apprenticeship agreement by the host university: If, in your case, changes are necessary in the organization of the courses (for example.B. Course does not occur, overlap in the schedule, course already overbooked), you are required to coordinate with us these changes that result in a change in your Learning Agreement. This is not necessary in cases where alternatives have already been identified in the apprenticeship agreement and have been approved by program management. Otherwise, you run the risk that we will not be able to recognize your courses and that you will lose (at least) one semester. The module`s description sheets are available in the corresponding module manual: In the implementation of the MWK memorandum of 14 March 2011, the stuPrO DHBW Wirtschaft included, as of 1 October 2013, the rule that audit-related examination services can be written in the multi-six modules of the first two years of study, see modification statutes. If you need a change, please bring the description of your course module. If so, please seek on-site advice. An Academic Advisor is available at many universities.

a) Please remember that you have your apprenticeship agreement validated by your host university, with stamp and signature. Important: without a signed apprenticeship agreement and no official toR, we cannot enter your notes into Dualis (no consideration of your auditing services from abroad). After the prospective student has identified a partner company, the company can reserve a spot in the program.