Dutton ended the Fast Food Industry Labour Agreement, introduced in 2012 by the Gillard government, which allowed hundreds of foreign workers to accept jobs at fast food stores across Australia. Data from the August 2011 census showed that there were approximately 175,000 employees in Takeaway Food Services. „The 457 visa program was designed to address the shortage of skilled labor for certain jobs,“ Wright said. „Fast food chains are looking for soft interpersonal skills and should be able to find those skills on the ground.“ The Fine Dining Agreement will be extended to the basement profession if this profession and the related qualification are recognised at national level. English language and salaries apply. If it is allowed at national level, it could be considered to reside permanently in the profession of commercial cashier if work or qualification needs persist and if foreign workers have held a subclass 457 visa under an employment contract for a minimum period of three and a half years as a kellner. Further information on qualifications and experience will be provided after national approval. At present, there are nine inter-professional agreements: the Scheme Appointment Visa (subclass 186), where work or qualification needs persist and foreign workers have maintained a subclass 457 visa under an employment contract for a period of at least two years in the profession of cook or cook.