The extent to which an LLC effectively protects a member`s LLC interests from its own creditors depends significantly on the terms of the Florida LLC business agreement. Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement – To be used by companies with more than one owner to define the different operating procedures among the members/owner managers. Do you have any references/suggestions regarding other contract templates that may appear for an LLC? Two that easily come to mind are the general contract for services for a consulting firm or the hiring of contractors to perform certain tasks for the LLC (i.e. someone who does not own the business but has specific skills that you want to use on a contractual basis?) A Florida LLC business agreement is a written agreement between the owners or members of a Florida LLC, which defines how the LLC is managed in terms of finances and decisions. An LLC enterprise agreement is a private contract between LLC members. Florida law does not require an LLC to register with the state or register a copy of the LLC enterprise agreement in public records. The general public does not have the opportunity to search or consult the corporate agreement of each LLC. Detailed corporate agreements are also highly recommended when an LLC member is facing creditor or judgment issues. The majority of new LLCs need more than a simple and inexpensive company agreement to express the business relationship of participating members. Tailor-made corporate agreements are appropriate whenever members are unrelated partners or when members invest considerable sums or money and expect LLC to be an essentially profitable business. The legal concepts mentioned above are not included in a typical Florida LLC business agreement.

But all of these and other features are important for effective asset protection of an investment by a Florida LLC. A company agreement can be developed to define the procedures by which the LLC must operate, as well as any other provisions that are not defined in the original founding articles. The executive member(s) must sign the contract and keep it for personal documentation. .