It should be noted that a partnership as a corporate structure does not offer the same financial and legal protection as a limited liability company (also known as LLC), so you and your friend will be held responsible for the company`s finances. Since this may require a high degree of trust in both parties, it may be worth hiring an external third party to manage the corporate accounts. Stories like this have led lawyer and CPA Mark J. Kohler to say that he advises his clients never to do business with friends without a written contract. The female leader, who told me that she preferred to do business with friends, said: „I love the bond she creates. In some cases, I have had unpleasant situations where things go sideways, but this has not happened often. In most cases, I have great business results and a deeper friendship. The truth is naturally natural, as soon as you remove the cobwebs from the ignorance that surrounds it, it shines clearly. It is not sustainable, and every time the utility ends, including the relationship that brought the parties together. Aristotle observed that this is more common in the elderly. I was fascinated by this idea. Although it has been thought for many years that men and women work differently, a Wall Street Journal study suggests that it may be a different perception of women and men in the workplace, which affects every facet of their business, from how easily they present themselves to the ease with which they are encouraged.

There is no doubt that women continue to have difficulty making progress in the business world, but making general generalizations about what all women do or don`t do in the economy, according to the study, is a mistake. A successful entrepreneur told me recently: „Some women are big business employees, others are horrible. And that goes for people as well. Instead, he advocated for the culture of virtuous friendships, constructed with intent and based on a reciprocal appreciation of character and goodness rather than a certain transactional value. To me, any sovereign who contradicts public opinion is foreign. Many of my interviewees agree that clear communication about expectations is a key to working with friends. Other important factors they cited were mutual respect for each other`s abilities, knowledge and talent, understanding each other`s styles and not using friendship – for example, not expecting special treatment because you are a friend. Most of the friendships that many of us have fall into these two categories, and while Aristotle did not necessarily consider them bad, he felt that their depth limited their quality. Dealing with friends carries risks. But many of the entrepreneurs I spoke to said that risk is part of the business.

The exact time of his departure from the Academy is controversial, but it is said that he left shortly after Plato`s death because of his aversion to the direction he took later. In the following years, he even argued against many of the fundamental ideas of his late teacher. Learn more about the second deal and friendship! Just because you`re creating a business with a friend doesn`t mean it`s less of a deal. It must therefore be treated and launched as such. In essence, this means that you need to agree on how to integrate your business. If you take all the appropriate steps at the legal level, in your state, do not just make the requirements where you do business, it will feel the whole business more professional and professional, and not just as two friends are trying to earn money. In the upcoming weekly blogs (did you know that I publish almost every Tuesday?), I will study how each of the four chords can be applied to friendships.