My first licensing agreement was with Alchemy, a small British company that owned heavy metal images. I spoke to the owner, who showed me a typical licensing agreement. After taking over the company`s literature, I was on my way. Disney changed everything for us. As a Disney licensee, he carried weight. Everyone we contacted took us very seriously. Instead of lifting them, doors automatically opened: we did stuff with mickey Mouse images and characters from the movies Nightmare Before Christmas, Finding Nemo, High School Musical and Cars, and more, Winnie the Pooh, Tinker Bell, you call it. KABC TV (Los Angeles) Ruth House News Business Operations Supervisor Ph: (818) 863-7223 Disney has the right to concede or not the characters in its various films, TV shows and cartoons. For most companies, Disney walks with „not.“ Disney not only has considerable intellectual property rights in its characters, but it also applies them strictly. A simple Google search revealed a variety of Disney lawsuits against those who tried to use the name or likeness of the characters enderatocher without permission. So if your own product business is thriving, and you`re looking to take things to the next level, consider getting licenses-in a powerful brand like Disney, then see what happens. Can you give me all the legal advice you have so I don`t have to look for it and do it myself? Is it illegal to use illegally copied images? If I do something illegal and they find me, I can say that I used your website and even if you said, don`t do it, I did it anyway?? ; P Obviously, it`s a wink, and it puzzles me that people don`t want to do the job to look for what`s legal or not, it`s to do for their business. Thank you for sharing the information you have and for all the following questions! Happy New Year! „As a Disney licensee, he has clout,“ Uy said.

„A company like this wants to work with us has given a lot of integrity to our company.