Many lending agencies are not aware of the consequences of working without a written agreement. When a joint work is created, it is considered that each employee is assumed to own the copyright and participate equally in the royalties. In addition, under the rules of delay of the copyright law – which can be changed by a written agreement – any employee can grant non-exclusive licenses on the work to third parties, provided they fairly charge the profits to the other. Problems are common when there are multiple job offers or applications for exclusive rights and there is no agreement between employees. A recalcitrant employee may prevent the other employee from conceding or granting exclusive rights to third parties in the plant. Another disaster scenario is the unilateral end of the project through autobiographical work, as was the case with the failure of the collaboration between Fay Vincent, former commissioner of baseball, and David Kaplan. After completing 90% of Vincent`s memoir, Vincent withdrew the project from his publisher and thwarted Kaplan`s efforts to publish the book under the name Kaplan. See Kaplan v. Vincent, 937 F.

Supp. 307 (SDNY 1996). If the parties had a well-written agreement – contrary to the oral agreement – the legal tangles would probably have been avoided. Publication is a priority for university researchers, regardless of the source of their research funding. Peer-to-peer publication is essential for the promotion of the faculty in the academic context and is generally a key element in earning respect and recognition in professional organizations. Graduates and PhD students mark their entry into the trades through key publications in the form of theses or theses. Universities protect the right of their faculties and students to open a publication that is not biased, delayed or censored by companies. copyright. Action element! If you do not intend to own (and control the plant) together, state it in writing in the cooperation agreement. And make sure that the cooperation agreement has a well-developed integration clause.

Additional, non-contractual measures can also be taken to support the presumption that work is not a joint work, but that the best advice is to receive it in writing. 8. All authors should be included in the publication, subject to the usual authors` principles for discipline. Non-author participants may receive registration if necessary.