19. Full agreement. The Bank and the Client recognize and accept that this Agreement and all changes made, all other documents incorporated by reference and annexes constitute the complete and exclusive declaration of the agreement between them with respect to the Services and the replacement of all prior agreements, assurances and agreements, written or written between the parties with respect to the Services. 33.6.2 The client and each reported associate organization continue to conclude and agree that: a) any transfer or mix of funds that may be made through the services and described in them is not contrary to their internal policies and procedures, nor the current federal, national or local law, regulations, regulations or rule of law, or the entry, judgment or injunction of a judicial or administrative authority; and b) this agreement has been duly approved by all necessary organisational measures and are the valid and binding agreements of each of them that can be implemented on their terms. „credit account agreement,“ all notes to order, credit contracts, mortgages and any other document, advertisement or other agreement that the customer makes or otherwise consents, defining the rights and responsibilities of the customer, under or otherwise, the terms of the customer`s credit accounts with the bank, which may be changed from time to time. 14.4 Notwithstanding the above, the Bank may terminate the contract without notice and/or suspend or suspend or suspend services provided to the customer in accordance with this report if the customer or bank closes an open account in connection with the Services; (ii) where the bank finds that the client has not maintained a financial position deemed satisfactory to the bank in order to minimize loans or other risks to the bank in the provision of services to the customer, including, but not limited to, the initiation of voluntary or involuntary proceedings under the U.S. Bankruptcy Act or any other status or settlement on bankruptcy or cancellation of debtors; (iii) in the event of a substantial breach, failure to comply with a clause or substantial breach of representation, contract or guarantee by the client; (iv) in the event of a delay in payment of the customer at the time of payment of an amount that the customer owes to the bank under that note or as part of a note or other agreement; (v) where accounts of clients, assets or real estate have been seized, seized or seized; (vi) where the Bank believes that immediate measures are needed to ensure the security of bank or customer funds; (vii) in the event of termination of a third-party contract by the customer or bank, necessary to perform one or more services; or (viii) if the bank reasonably believes that the continuation of the provision of services, pursuant to the terms of this agreement or an annex, would be contrary to federal, regional or local laws or regulations, or that it would risk taking unacceptable risks of loss.