A: The contractor may be entitled to his own WCB account if he can prove that he works for several clients. This coverage is called optional personal coverage (CPO). A: Individual labour names are not covered by the WCB. Their estimated payroll should be updated to reflect the additional salaries paid to this workforce. You can update your salary estimate online or call or email our office during your review. Q: I don`t hire labour. I only have subcontractors. Why do I have to have an account? For an agreement, on average 40 hours over a week, with overtime after 12 hours a day. In this example, employees must work three 12-hour days and a four-hour day during the average one-week period. Overtime must be performed for each work done after 12 hours a day or after 40 hours in the median period of one week. Non-unionized workers who work less than 30 hours per week are entitled to overtime after working more than eight hours a day or 40 hours per week (32 hours per week on a public holiday). A: If the work part of the employment contract is unknown, the WCB will use its policy, Assessable Labour Portion of Contracts (POL 07/2004), to calculate the share of work.

To ensure an accurate assessment, please tell the WCB if the supplier has used its own tools/equipment and/or materials and provide a detailed description of the work done. For more information, please visit our Assessable Earnings fact sheet. A: If you hire contractors, you are an employer under our law. You must obtain authorizations for all contractors you hire. If the contractor is not registered with us, he will be treated as your worker. If all your contractors are registered and in good condition, you are responsible for the minimum account fee. A: A contractor is a person or company that, as part of a contract, is entrusted to another person or person for the performance of work or services. A contractor is also called a subcontractor.

In this way, employees can work more hours during part of the average period, in exchange for greater free time in another part of the average period.