As an Azure business administrator, you can allow account holders in your organization to create subscriptions based on the EA Dev/Test offer. To do this, select the Dev/Test field for the account owner in the Azure EA portal. If you want to know how Azure bookings for VM-Reserved-Instances can help you save money with your Enterprise registration, please visit Azure EA`s reserved VM Instances. To activate your service, the original business administrator opens the Azure Enterprise portal and registers with the email address of the invitation email. Enterprise agreements are an important part of your business and it`s important that you prepare sooner rather than later for your EA renewal so you don`t cling to an overpriced agreement that has no value. Microsoft Azure Enterprise is the default name when creating a subscription. You can change the name to distinguish it from other subscriptions in your registration and make sure it is recognizable in company-level reports. To create an Azure business offer subscription, you must be eligible for the account owner`s role on the EA portal. The only other way you can get around this unfortunate situation is to start early and take the negotiations seriously as quickly as possible. In the past, the intensity of the negotiations peaked about one to three months before the renewal, but now, in order to reach the most ideal agreement, negotiations should begin seriously about three to six months before renewal.

If your business administrator can`t help you, create a support request for Azure Enterprise portals. Please provide the following information: Otherwise, the customer can sign an online service agreement with Microsoft. This option does not require company-wide standardization. Customers must acquire at least 500 Enterprise online service licenses. You can delete the end date of the coverage period, disable the lifecycle notification date, and disable commissions. By disabling lifecycle notifications, notifications about the coverage period and end date of the agreement are removed. Yes, you can transfer ownership of the subscription to another account. For example, if an A account has three subscriptions, the company administrator can transfer a subscription to account B, one to account C and one to account D. Or you can transfer all subscriptions to the E. 1 account A business administrator must grant these privileges. If you have been given permission to indicate the monthly usage and the department`s fees, but you cannot see them, contact your partner. Once a department has been created, the corporate administrator can add department administrators and assign each department.

Department administrators can perform the following actions for their departments: When signing the agreement, the customer must define and pass on to Microsoft the number of desktops or qualified users as well as Microsoft Enterprise products or corporate online services.