To apply for changes to custody or access orders (parental leave), complete the declaration under the Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (Form FL-105). Also complete one of the following forms that apply to your case: You must apply for an injunction at the courthouse in the borough where you or the defendant resides. Obtaining an injunction is free. If you apply for a PFA and the accused (the author) sets up records and sends you a counter-petition that says you have abused them, there are usually two ways to adopt a mutual injunction: there are traditional paper forms. Use a blue or black ballpoint pen and write clearly. Answer each question carefully and tell the truth. Do not write in the plays that the „judge initiators“ say. You must sign in front of a notary or clerk. Bring an ID card (photo card is best). If available, a court escort or lawyer can help you with the forms. You cannot answer legal questions. You can purchase the paper forms from your local courthouse or download them here: Often, judges or lawyers will encourage people to accept an order against them, on the grounds that „if you do not intend to violate the order, you should not mind having an order against you.“ But this way of thinking can be dangerous.

If the offender receives the injunction, they can easily try to misre report an offence or get you to breach the injunction so that you are arrested, which can have repercussions on future custody, injunction or immigration cases. However, a judge cannot force you to agree. You have the right to a hearing where you can defend yourself, and it is up to the judge to decide whether the offender has proved his case against you. If the judge terminates the injunction, you will receive a statement and an order terminating the interim order after the hearing (Form DV-400) that indicates that the injunction has ended. Each party may provide police reports and testimonies when presenting evidence that it has been a victim of domestic violence or abuse by the other party, in addition to the victim`s testimony. If the judge finds that each party has acted as an aggressor on at least one occasion without legal justification, the judge may issue a mutual injunction. 6. Serve your papers to the other party. Let someone (PAS) provide you with the other party, at least 9 days before the hearing, a copy of your statement of response to the request for order (Form FL-320) and any other documents you have attached, unless the court has ordered another time of service (check the order request (Form FL-300 for this information). Often, a publication ban is obtained as a result of a divorce or body breakdown, but you don`t have to file for divorce if you only want an injunction. However, if you want to combine an injunction with a divorce or legal separation, you should probably seek advice from a lawyer. If you are served with a 209A interim order against you, take it seriously..

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