If a Buyer Representation Contract (ARB) – FORM OREA 300 has been signed with the type of property (use) as a single-family home/condo and I am now looking for a townhouse or semi-detached house or single-family home or single-family home, I can sign another contract with another agent for the new application for the duration of the old contract. The Ontario Buyers` Representation Agreement is the agreement between you (the Buyer) and your agent`s brokerage firm. It confirms the terms of your relationship, the commission paid when you buy a property during the term of the contract, the role of the agent and what happens if he also represents the seller. When you sign an ARO, it means for the agent: confirmation of cooperation Details of the type of relationship that the buyer and seller have with his agent/broker (for example. B Customer or Customer) and the commission contract between the seller`s mediation and the buyer`s mediation. It also explains what happens if the mediation represents both the buyer and the seller (multiple representation). Both brokers are parties to this agreement, so both agents will sign it. The annexes attached to the purchase and sale contract form part of the agreement and are adjusted by the agents. In general, it`s the biggie! The buy and sell agreement is the real deal for you to buy a home! In Ontario, a real estate transaction must be completed in writing to be legal, so it is the most important legal document that defines the terms of your offer to purchase. There is a version of the Home Purchase Form (Form 100) and a Condominium Version (Form 101). The most important unprinted parts of the purchase and sale agreement are: The Ontario Real Estate Services Contract is signed when a buyer decides that they do not want to be a client or sign the buyer`s replacement contract and still needs the assistance of an agent (often for document preparation).

This is a non-exclusive agreement, that is, the buyer is not obliged for the agent to go beyond what is written in the form (.e.B a specific property for a certain period of time). The after-sales service contract confirms that the buyer acknowledges that the representative does not represent the interests of the buyer. Like the ARO, it has a deadline and includes the commission the agent receives. The seller sold under the sales authority to be used under the OREA agreement on sales and sale contracts represents the disclosure of interests by the declarant – the acquisition of real estate. Timing – Sublegation contract – Commercial termination of the contract by the option holder – Option to purchase a sales commission contract with a cooperating broker for a listed real estate seller – Important information for the seller. . Disclosure of benefits/payments to the applicant – Intermediation fees, bonuses, referral fees, incentives. .

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The OREA REALTOR (WWR) work form summarizes the different ways in which a person can work with a real estate agent. .