The agreed expert or a single surveyor draws up a legal document called the Party Wall Award. This Party Wall Award will describe in detail the work to be done, how and when it is done. You will also review the plans to make sure that the work does not affect your neighbor`s property and what will happen if it is damaged. A condition plan is established to record the condition of your neighbour`s land before work begins. Based on this information, the two surveyors or the agreed surveyor establish the price of the festive wall on the basis of the results. A party wall is a common wall between a neighbor, so if you have a detached house, you don`t need a party wall agreement. If you have a semi-detached house, you only need a party wall agreement with the adjacent neighbor. If you live in a terraced house, you have two party walls and you need two party agreements. If you have more than two neighbors (for example, if you live in an apartment), you might need more than two party walls.

You should inform your neighbours if you wish to carry out work nearby or at your common border or „party wall“ in England and Wales. When reviewing construction work, it is important to get advice from an experienced surveyor in Party Wall and PWA in 1996. Litigation and litigation can be avoided through professional negotiations. We strongly recommend that you call on your surveyor at an early stage and before development. Lack of technical knowledge can lead to a long quarrel, a huge increase in costs and a last-minute redesign. We often come up against this because there is a lot of rental housing in the South East and most of the rental area is in London. The best way to do this is to talk to the tenants and find out who the owner or manager is, and to load a surveyor from the party to send them the notification directly by sending registration and email. A prior telephone conversation may be advised to notify the recipient of the intended contact.

In most cases, a party wall prize will be the preferred way to move forward in this situation, as there is no neighborly relationship, but we have seen many situations where tactical negotiations have sufficiently made a party wall letter. If you write to your neighbor that Touchstone Lofts is doing the work, you can help your neighbor understand that the work is being done by a serious contractor.