4.1 By issuing an order by NEW ALPHA, NEW ALPHA indicates whether (and, if applicable, which part) the ordered product is used for commercial sale, clinical supply, validation, stability or other uses, and any order for the quantities of product sold commercially indicates the ease in which Generico Manufacturing is to be made and the territory in which these quantities are sold. The unit price of the product and the price per batch of a pipeline product charged by GENERICO for each unit or lot supplied by GENERICO are set in accordance with Schedule 4.1. The price of the product and pipeline product does not include the supply of the product or pipeline to NEW ALPHA or any of its distributors. The risk of loss of a product transfers the FOB shipping point (i.e. GENERICO-Fertigungsanlage). (B) With respect to the manufacture of the product for delivery during the duration of the production, the freeze-drying and bottling lines permitted at the facilities are allocated according to the percentage of proration between the contracting parties. (v) GENERICO contract manufacturing does not require NEW ALPHA to contract at the end of the period, except with the prior written agreement of NEW ALPHA. 5.1 GENERICO will make reasonable efforts to cooperate with NEW ALPHA and its licensees to obtain all regulatory approvals for pipeline product and products in each region, subject to Section 2.2 (C). Without any restrictions, GENERICO will make reasonable efforts to provide NEW ALPHA with such support for data monitoring and data analysis related to manufacturing problems, as NEW ALPHA can reasonably require. All data and information relating to this support regarding the pipeline product or product will, if it relates only to the product or pipeline, the exclusive property of NEW ALPHA and may be used by NEW ALPHA at no cost to NEW ALPHA, as determined by NEW ALPHA. 10.6 When the agreement is terminated or expired for any reason, the parties will reasonably cooperate to implement all chemical ingredients, materials, components, inventory of finished products, selected samples, stability samples and construction work of GENERICO (and NEW ALPHA reimburses GENERICO for the reasonable costs it incurred in acquiring and manufacturing these objects) and GENERICO will make appropriate efforts to cooperate NEW ALPHA in technology. Issues related to the transmission of products and pipelines.

(L) to maintain all manufacturing facilities (with non-nanotechnology equipment) in perfect condition and within the CGMM (. B for example, qualification, calibration, maintenance, validation). (B) If GENERICO chooses to make and deliver an additional product during a period of delivery deficit in accordance with Section 2.8 A, GENERICO is entitled to the following remuneration: at the end of each 90-day period during the supply deficit period and at the end of the supply deficit period, the contracting parties determine in good faith the amount of net profit to be attributed to the sale of Generic products generally acceptable accounting principles, as applied consistently by GENERICO), that GENERICO would have achieved (but would not have achieved) with respect to a 90-day period or other period during the supply deficit period, if NEW ALPHA had not exercised its Section 2.8 (A) option, based on net gains attributable to generico products realized by GENERICO in the last full quarter prior to the deadline supply-deficit offer, excluding possible penalties GENERICO was created as part of GENERICO`s customer contracts as a result of the exercise of the NEW ALPHA option under Section 2.8 (A) less than the total amount calculated for new alpha for additional units of the product manufactured to meet production forecasts during this supply deficit period.