Then, depending on the value of the stamp, you must purchase the stamp paper on your behalf from the Public Treasury. Since customs stamps is really an important part of registration in the land registry, if one thinks of the request of the registration department of Kerala. The value of the brand depends on the price of your property purchased. You can easily get the stamp duty rate at the Chancery or on the website. In Kerala, the general rate of stamp duty is 8% and the registration fee is 2%, for a total of 10%. But this rate will be revised by the government at a certain interval. It is true that the stamp duty rate is set, whether your property is located in a panchayat, a commune or a company. You must file an application with copies of all relevant documents in your municipality office or agency to change the title of In this process, the registration of the property`s turnover will be changed from the seller`s name to your (buyer`s) name. Thus, when buying or selling a property, the land registry is a must to avoid further difficulties. Now, buyers of real estate in the state can register real estate transactions at any under-check-in office within a district. Previously, only district registry holders were entitled to register real estate within the boundaries of a maintenance service in that district. This power has been ceded to all sub-repertory.

The move will also reduce the influx of people to the registrars. 5. That the costs relating to the deed of sale, noc, etc. of the property or land cited are borne by the seller and all costs relating to the deed of sale as well as other definitive documents and documents of that property are borne by the buyer in question. The buyer and seller sign, in the presence of witnesses, a legal agreement on the registration of the property. In addition, they mention all the details of the property inside, as well as the Kerala land registry fee. In addition, the agreement includes stamps and registrations. If someone does not respect the agreement, they should expect legal sanctions.

It is important to take into account all the rules of Kerala land registry in order to obtain a clean chit in relation to all the legal formalities. In addition, it is important to take the right advice from the lawyer or the real estate expert. Buying a property is a crucial decision, as is the registration process. The registration process is well defined and is subject to some important documents and formalities that must be followed. If you follow all the steps above, you can easily register your property in Kerala. Once the registration is complete, you will receive the receipt for the same. You must keep this receipt carefully, especially in the future, if you want to sell your country, all these documents will be necessary. These will be soil declaration files that may be required for each reference if necessary in the future.

Also read the checklist before buying an apartment in Kerala. To obtain registration for the agreement, you must pay the Kerala Land Registry Fee. Subsequently, any buyer can avail themselves of the details of this agreement. In addition to the land registry fee in Kerala, you must also sign the stamp duty. You can get the deed of sale written by an experienced lawyer or professional. If you have decided to buy a country in Kerala, it means that the land purchased will always remain with you as your fortune. So you need to be very careful and careful during every step of the registration process in Kerala country. In addition, you need to understand the rules and regulations established by the Kerala government ministry for basic registration in Kerala so that you can carry out the entire registration process without stress.

1. And while the first party assured the second party that the property in question did not mortgage or grant a guarantee in court or a financial institution or corporation, no sale agreement was reached with another party prior to the agreement.