The date of the calendar that defines the last day when the buyer can buy the stock under these conditions must be discussed. For this purpose, the month and the two-digit calendar day in the first empty line in section „IV. Sending closure.“ The second line of this section defines the calendar year in double digits of the reference date. Enter this amount as you wish to confirm the date of purchase of the warehouse. A share purchase agreement (SPA), also known as a share purchase agreement or „share transfer contract,“ is an agreement that defines the terms of a company`s sale and purchase of shares. The consideration is the purchase price that the buyer must pay for the shares of the target company. When closing a share sale, it is important that the actual value of the target company is reflected in the agreement. It is customary for parties to receive an evaluation of the target entity through financial statement accounts and references to annual and management accounts. This adjusts the purchase price if the value of the target company changes. When buying all the shares of a company (100% of the shares), it is recommended to use the purchase of commercial agreements instead. Similarly, after reviewing the document filled out above and the material attached or added formally, the seller must sign his name as a promise to respect its contents. This signature must be created in the „Seller`s Signature“ line.

The seller must also „date“ his signature by recording the current month, day and year of signing on the adjacent line. After the signing and date of this document, the seller should also print his name in the „Print Name“ line. The next part in „I. The parties are referred to as „sellers.“ The first vacuum here requires the full name of the unit, with the power to sell the shares in question to the buyer. Enter the name of this part immediately after the „seller“ label printed in bold on request. As with the buyer, the seller`s mailing address must be attached to the name of that party. To do this, write down the building number, the road and unit number or the seller`s mailbox number on the empty line between the language „… With an email address from“ and the phrase „City Of.“ This should be followed with a report on the name of the corresponding location for that address in the next empty line.

This address must be supplemented by the name of the status in which it is found. Name the status of the seller`s postal address on the last space in this section.