While the Court of Appeal partially approved the previous judgment, the High Court held that the refusal to comply with standstill agreements might in fact undermine the very purpose of the agreements, namely to encourage the parties to reach a negotiated settlement without the intervention of the Tribunal and to avoid the costs of litigation. With respect to the first part, the judge considered the general objective of the Tribunal, including the CPR1.1(2) (d)–(f) and the „ever-evolving jurisprudence of sanctions“, in accordance with the Denton Principles.3 The judge stated that the six-month period should be there to „protect beneficiaries from harassment by an obsolete claim“ and „protect the court from: to be subject to unsatisfied claims“. In defiance of the moratorium period, the judge concluded that there was no good reason to delay by 13 months after the expiry of the limitation period.4 Last year, Justice Mostyn`s recommendation to Cowan v Foreman [2019] EWCA Civ 1336 that the practice that stay agreements in the Succession Act are about to end immediately, A few have attracted attention. In the current context, with the difficulties of meeting clients face to face and arranging mediations and other forms of dispute resolution, the need to save time before incurring significant procedural costs is likely to become more day-to-day. It therefore seems appropriate to review the authorities and examine the available options. Lady Justice Asplin, who rendered the prominent judgment which the others had opposed, strongly opposed the assertion that the applicant`s claim was indisputable; Ms. Cowan had a real chance of success. It was found that the procedural judge had not given due consideration to all the circumstances of the case, including the size of the estate, the duration of the relationship and the fact that she had no autonomy or security, including on the property in which she lived. In addition, the trial judge pointed to the Letters of the Wishes and wrongly concluded that non-compliance would necessarily constitute a breach of trust. The judge condemned the parties who agreed on a moratorium for the negotiations and said the standstill agreements „should cease immediately.“