For a tenant who does not rent or partially pay, the tenancy agreement may sometimes include an express clause that authorizes the lessor to terminate (or cancel) the tenancy agreement in the event of a possible amount of non-payment or delayed rent. The behaviour of the landlord and tenant who has been the subject of a fee rebate includes the following: If the landlord wishes, it would therefore be preferable to explicitly define, within the framework of a tenancy/rental contract, the following areas: All can be said in one sentence, and it should contain the following details: This termination agreement is concluded between the lessor – The landlord and tenant had initially entered into a lease agreement with the date – for the property that applies to: ___________________________________________________________________________For of the sum of the sum of _____________________The_ After the tenant hands over the premises, the landlord frees the tenant from his obligation to lease which continues to be completed. This agreement is mandatory for both parties, their successors, the beneficiaries of the transfer and the personal representatives. Landlord`s name: _________________________Landlord Signature: _________________________Date: _______________Tenant Name: _________________________Tenant Signature: _________________________Date: Question 2: After signing the lease, the parties agreed to amend certain terms of the contract. Can they simply mark the amendments to the existing agreement or do they have to conclude a new agreement? Answer 2 If the lessor and the tenant agree on an early termination of the lease, it is advisable to enter into a transfer contract. The surrender agreement would generally provide for the date and other conditions of the surrender such as forfeiture or restitution of the deposit (depending on the case) and is usually done by deed.