Download the „Continuous Service Agreement“ form and send the completed agreement to this address: If you are a real estate owner or property management company, you can request a continuous service for one or more properties you own. A Continuous Service Contract (CSA) allows you to continue the gas service for a rental property after a tenant leaves. As soon as the application is approved and we are informed that a tenant has evacuated the premises, the meter is read and the gas service continues under your name without interruption. It also frees you from a future service-establishment fee of $25 for addresses in your Continuous Service Contract. Changes to your online contract take effect with the filing of your application. If you request a shutdown, this property will not be removed from your contract and you may be charged for future utility service. The Continuity of Service Agreement allows property owners and managers to maintain an uninterrupted gas and electricity service while leased properties are empty. Here are the perks: If you need help with your contract number, please contact SDG-E at 1-800-411-7343. Applying throughout the service area, such as Schedule B. SoCalGas Objective proposes to add sheet form 6558-D, Continuous Service Agreement to its fee forms.

This form is an agreement between SoCalGas and owners/managers who wish to continue the gas service for premises cleared by a tenant. It orders SoCalGas to continue the gas service from the moment a tenant requests the service to be closed until a new tenant applies for the service. It allows SoCalGas to charge… To complete the service, go online or call us at 800-411-7343. You are responsible for informing us if you no longer own or manage a property mentioned in your contract. The main account is another account that belongs to you and may be linked to your contract. The time allocated is to transfer the final unpaid invoices for the rental real estate accounts invoiced to the lessor.