Irrespective of this, the UAW Mack Truck Council announced late on Thursday that an interim agreement had been reached and that it was suspending a nearly two-week strike. Mack`s workers must return to their workplaces. Mack Trucks has five locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida. If the provisional agreement does not get a majority of votes, it is again up to the rope for GM negotiators and the GM UAW negotiating committee to reach agreement on the objections raised. In the 2015 contract, the union was granted 64 four-year leave. In 2019, there were 66 public holidays in four years. For now, the work stoppage is underway, although now that the UAW-GM National Council has sent an interim agreement to members, employees of GM suppliers may soon return to work. However, a ratified treaty is not guaranteed. The United Automobiles Workers` interim four-year agreement with General Motors Co. would give temporary workers a means to obtain fully equipped employment, would not change health plans, remove the profit-sharing cap, give pay increases or bonuses each year of the contract, and offer a record ratification bonus, according to a summary of the union contract. The UAW said Wednesday morning that elected national negotiators voted to recommend that the National Council accept the proposal that „represents great benefits for UAW workers.“ When the National Council reviews the terms of the agreement, it will also decide whether nearly 50,000 workers should remain on strike or whether they should return to work before accession to the Agreement is ratified. General Motors and United Auto Workers have reached an interim agreement to end the strike that began a month ago, as announced by the union on Wednesday.

The NATIONAL council of the UAW GM will vote on the agreement on Thursday. In the 2019 contract, full-time temporary workers were granted a reduction in the journey to the permanent state. Starting in January 2020, all full-time temporary workers with three years or more of uninterrupted seniority will begin to be employed as permanent employees. And from January 2021, all full-time workers will be able to begin the transition to permanent employees with two years or more of permanent service. In a statement, GM said it was generating future investment opportunities and job growth in Ohio`s Mahoning Valley. These investments are not covered by the national agreement: in the 2019 contract, due to the increase in base salaries, the maximum hourly wage for eligible permanent employees would increase until the end of the four-year contract to reach $32.32. At the same time, all staff recruited prior to the agreement`s entry into force in 2019 would be entitled to top salaries until the end of the contract, which would halve the current time frame. The agreement also includes ratification bonuses of $11,000 (compared to $8,000 in 2015) for permanent employees.

Temporary employees would receive a $US 4,500 ratification bonus, up from 2,000 $US in 2015. The company would pay the bonuses during the second pay period after the agreement was ratified. A cap of $12,000 for recipient companies is also being removed and permanent employees continue to receive US$1,000 for every $1 billion in upstream tax revenue generated by GM in North America. GM plans to invest $7.7 billion, which has created and maintained 9,000 jobs, according to the pages of the agreement obtained by the Detroit News. The 2015 contract included an $8.3 billion commitment. UAW will negotiate a new interim agreement with Ford, using the GM contract as a model. The current cap of $12,000 for profit distributions will be eliminated by the 2019 contract. Employees earn $1,000 for every $1 billion earned in borderless North America. Contracts vary every four years, influenced by business performance, vehicle sales, interest rates and the macroeconomic environment – until the global financial crisis that triggered the Great Recession.