Sol-test blueprints guide test developers through writing test questions and creating assessments. They also provide information for educators, parents, and students, including: The Testing Irregularity Web Application System (TIWAS) provides a method for submitting and correcting test irregularities. The heads of department of the school test and test coordinators transmit information on the TIWAS online system. Inspectors must immediately report any test irregularities. Heads of testing departments can correct irregularities in the field or report irregularities to VDOE within 24 hours of receipt of the irregularity. Any irregularity involving a new test situation shall be submitted to the VDOE. 35 Student AccommodationCoordinate with the STC how special trial accommodation is made available to students in the trial group. Use the Accommodation Matrix – Mandatory for individual mcps small group trials In the regular classroom, descriptions of special test accommodations are included in each examiner`s manual. These manuals also contain the test instructions for online formatting tests. You can find the test instructions for the paper/pencil format in the supplements of the examiner`s manuals. 23 Electronic devices Students cannot access electronic devices during the SOL test, including, but not limited to, mobile phones, e-books, tablets, games, etc.

12 Example This screen is displayed after the student has successfully registered. The tools on the TestNav toolbar on the sample screen ARE active. The response area for students and the response tools are not active on the sample screen. Example of a TestNav Toolbar screen – located at the top of the screen. All tools are active on this screen. The response area tools – are located at the top of the response area and are not active on this sample screen. The student`s name and the test name are located at the top right of the screen. Exit button – is located at the top right of the screen. On the Exit button, the student is prompted to send and complete the screen. Next button – is at the bottom right. If you click Next, the student becomes the live answer screen. The sample screen is a student response area image that the examiner refers to in the test instructions that are read to students for the short paper component.

Students cannot enter the sample screen.  Updates  Before the test › Training › Eide › Test plan  Performing the test › Itinerary › Error  After the test › Close the test › ARD. Sol tests are intended to assess whether students meet certain minimum learning and performance expectations expressed in the learning standards. The tests are developed through an extensive process of verification and field testing to ensure that the tests are fair and of appropriate difficulty for the grade or course. The award criteria — developed by VDOE and the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice — prioritize schools that need modern safety equipment the most, schools with a relatively high number of offenses, schools that need equipment identified by a school safety audit, and schools with services that are least likely to improve safety. The program was extended this year to fund safety equipment for school buses. AUTUMN 2009 WRITE – OF COURSE FINE. WHO NEEDS TO TEST:  All students enrolled in English 11  ALL term graduates who have not passed the writing nest. 28 Prepare students for the exam before the test day using the training elements on the VDOE website.

The day of the test should not be the first time a student uses TestNav The day before the test, remind the students: A good night sleep have a good breakfast to remind them that during the test no electronic devices are allowed 7 Date Event 26 February Data download file due to DDOT 4 March Delivery of unsafe/secure material before this date 13.-17. SOL Tests: Writing Quick Multiple Choice Makeup March 31 Last day to return documents 14 to 18. April Schreibtest (Essay 2) RICHMOND — The standards for end-of-year learning tests, known as SOLs, could be different this year for many students across Virginia, after the state superintendent, the department of education and the Department of Education used backup electricity to allow students to take assessments developed locally rather than across the country. standardized tests. . . . .