Victoria`s powerful police union has agreed in a new collective bargaining agreement announced on Thursday that it will increase its annual wages by a smaller 2.5 per cent in exchange for shift work penalties. As part of its independent review of gender discrimination and sexual harassment, including predatory behaviour, the Commission completed an assessment of gender equality in the agreement reached by Victoria Police. Fairfax Media reported On Thursday that an independent audit of gender discrimination and sexual harassment within the force had made 10 recommendations to the union and police regarding the agreement. The union also negotiated minimum occupations in police stations 24 hours a day, with details of what this means for each station. These figures are not regulated by law and could be negotiated at the next business collective agreement in four years. „We shook hands, we reached an agreement today… It is now the case of the police association, which must give birth to its members,“ said Neville. At the request of the Chief Commissioner (or his or her representative) or a person who is entitled to the corresponding agreement (including police officers, protection officers or the Australian Police Federation), the PRSB will review the dispute and present a report and recommendations to the Chief Commissioner. The Chief Commissioner intends to implement the prSB`s recommendations in accordance with point 11.4: „The PRSB`s decision is binding on both the employee and the employer.“ It was the first time since 2011 that the police had been working in the labour dispute, when the union was embedding a bitter dispute with the Baillieu government at the time over wages and conditions.

The proposed agreement also includes a centralized roll-board system that allows Victoria Police to know where each officer is stationed in the state, maximizing their ability to call the police as needed. Students are housed in participating police stations and services, where they have the opportunity to observe and learn from our police officers, protection officers, protection officers and VPS staff. The agreement in principle is subject to the approval of officials. The wage agreement avoided police union action. Credit: Jason South The union is contacting delegates across the state to remove slogans from police vehicles and for officers who are moving away from lightning, Neville said. Ashton said the agreement has flexibilities that would allow the force to transform the workplace into a fair place to work, in line with the Commission`s recommendations. The police union had insisted that salaries be increased by 4%, but the government refused to commit to limiting annual wage increases for all public service employees to 2%. Teachers at the vocational school can register to receive notifications of registrations and imminent arrivals via e-mail „This agreement is perfectly suited to the salary policy, it is a fair result, it absolutely rewards our police officers, recognizes the incredibly hard work they do every day,“ said Ms. Neville.